Band members




Updated by mutual consent of the Band committee and all members and agreed on this day the 23rd June 2018.


This constitution and rules are understood, accepted and complied with by all members as part of their membership of the association.

  1. NAME:

The Association shall be called the Sheffield (Scottish) Pipers’ Association, but may also be presented to the general public as the City of Sheffield Pipe Band.


The objects of the Association shall be charitable and in accordance with the wishes of the original founding fathers of the Association who in 1908 organised a group of people in the Sheffield area to maintain the ancient cultural heritage of Scotland by forming the Sheffield (Scottish) Pipers’ Association, the name which has continued to be used ever since.

To help all, but especially young people living and/or working in the Sheffield area to appreciate the traditional music, song and dance of Scotland, and give them the opportunity to take part in those cultural activities, particularly by providing tuition in those traditional arts through classes organised by the Association and by providing the means to demonstrate their abilities.


Membership is not dependent on registering with the RSPBA for competition purposes with this or any other band and transfer of registration is not enough of itself to be considered resignation.

The members of the Association will fall into one of the following classes:

3.1 Full Member: shall be open to individuals over the age of 18 who support the objects of the Association and who wish to further those objects by joining in the activities either as participant or tutor.

3.2 Associate Member: shall be open to individuals over the age of 18 who support the objects of the Association but who do not wish to participate directly in the classes or demonstrations.

3.3 Junior Member: shall be open to individuals under the age of 18 who support the objects of the Association and who wish to further those objects by joining in the activities either as participant or tutor.

3.4 Junior Associate Member: shall be open to individuals under the age of 18 who support the objects of the Association but who do not wish to participate directly in the classes or demonstrations

All classes of member will be recorded in a roll of members kept by the Secretary and will be renewed annually in April by payment of an annual membership fee decided by the AGM – Junior members will have a reduced fee and will not have a vote in band meetings. Payment of the fee is deemed to be an agreement to comply with this constitution and code of conduct.

Members may leave:

  • Writing to the secretary requesting removal from the roll
  • By the secretary preparing a list of inactive members and seeking permission to remove them at each AGM
  • The members endorsing a suspension of an individual by the committee at a general meeting.

Any member may nominate new members for approval by the committee via the band reps and that member will enter onto the roll by payment of that part of the annual subscription remaining for the year.

Members must at all times respect the objects of the Association and conduct themselves in a manner befitting their position in the Association (Section 14 – Code of Conduct).

Members whose behaviour is disruptive to the smooth running of the association will be subject to a grievance procedure (section 14)

If, in the opinion of the General Meeting of band members (called for the purpose), a member’s behaviour is liable to bring the Association into disrepute then such member may be called upon to tender his/her resignation.

To protect the band in light of Child Protection and Vulnerable Persons legislation, members should avoid potential compromising situations (for example closed door 1 to 1 teaching sessions). There must be a guardian / responsible adult (preferably if this is not a family member Enhanced CRB checked) to accompany Junior members when attending band activities.


The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting of members in April of each year. At the Annual General Meeting the members will elect the Office Bearers of the Association, the Chief Instructor and the Quartermaster.

The meeting will also elect 3 band representatives and any other nominated officers as may be felt desirable.

All the members of the Association present (in excess of 3) shall form a quorum for the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for office bearers shall made 7 days in advance but in the event of only one person being nominated nominations from the floor will be accepted.

General meetings may be held as needed at the request of the Committee or 10 members in writing and will be to discuss a specific issue.

Five voting members present shall constitute a forum

At all meetings a nominated member will take the chair and all members are eligible for nomination. All members are eligible to a single vote.


Each year at the Annual General Meeting the Association will elect a President, a Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer who will hold office until the following Annual General Meeting, but who will then be eligible for re-election.

The band offices must be members of the Association. The same person may undertake the duties of Secretary and Treasurer.

The Chairperson will serve as the foremost member of the association. They will conduct general meetings and act as final arbiters of any dispute under the grievance procedure.

The committee chairman is also charged with co-ordinating the strategic development of the association and ensuring the smooth operation of the committee.

Child Protection Officer(s) will be appointed to ensure the Association complies with the relevant legislation; a nominated Enhanced CRB holder will be responsible when this post is vacant.


Strategic management of the association shall be by a committee that:

  • Meets at a suggested period of every two months but NOT during the regular meetings of the association
  • Membership of the committee is to include Officers, extra officers for publicity (if required), fundraising and marketing (if required) and 3 Band Reps to include one Piper, one Drummer and the Drum Major charged with making sure the lines of communication are open between band and committee.
  • The Pipe Major and Drum Major are both an ex-officio member of the committee

Minutes to be circulated via an email to all members.

Day to day management

This will be delegated to a working group comprising the Pipe Major and two others nominated by the committee (one of whom must be a band rep).If possible the Working Group should include at least one piper and one drummer.

One of these people will provide a short report of interim activity and decisions to the committee which will be added to the minutes.


The post of Pipe Major is open for nomination each year; the appointed Pipe Major will then appoint individuals to the various band posts as outlined in Section 13.


The Association shall be a non profit-making body. It shall have powers to raise funds by means of donations, membership subscriptions, functions, performances and the sale of special items authorised by the Association.

The financial affairs of the association will be subject to a written authority and spending policy which will be kept under annual review by the committee on taking office each year. (Appendix 1)

The financial year of the Association shall be from 1st April to 31st March following.

The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for the funds of the Association and pay all accounts.

He/She shall maintain books of all transactions of the Association and at 31st March each year shall prepare them for audit and produce Income and Expenditure Accounts for the Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer will not be a signatory to the bank account – this being vested in 3 Full or Associate members nominated at a General Meeting.

Refunds of out of pocket expenses may be paid to any member of the Association in connection with Association duties, subject to approval and in line with the stated financial policy at Appendix1.


The Quartermaster will be responsible for all items of uniform, equipment and other property
(altogether hereinafter referred to as “property”) belonging to the Association.
A register of such property will be kept by the Quartermaster, with full details of the items supplied to individual members.. A copy of the list of items held by individual members shall be given to the member concerned. The member will sign the register held by the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster will keep the register and individual lists up to date, as and when further items are purchased, issued or recovered.
Property made available for use of individual members of the Association must be maintained in a clean and tidy manner. Any such property lost or damaged through carelessness or deliberate acts will be held to be the member’s responsibility.
Under no circumstances can band equipment or uniform be used for participating with another band or performing private engagements unless authorisation has been granted by the Pipe Major or Committee member.
All members, irrespective of membership status, fully covenant and agree that:
a. All property listed on the named list for which their signature is individually held remains the property of the band.
b. Upon leaving the band for any reason whatsoever or upon demand by the band, they will immediately return all the aforementioned property to the band in the same condition as when received, normal wear and tear accepted.
c. In the event they cannot return the item(s) listed, regardless of the reason, they will be requested to provide replacement items of equal or better quality or will pay the reasonable cost to the band to replace all the said item(s).
d. In the event that the band incurs costs or expenses to enforce this agreement, members will be pursued to reimburse the band for all such costs, including and without limitation, solicitors’ fees and court costs.


The Constitution may not be altered or added to in any way except at a General Meeting of the Association called for that purpose and communicated to the members at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting in writing.


Should any point arise not covered in the Constitution and Rules it shall be referred to the Committee who may call a General Meeting of band members whose decision shall be final


In the event that for any reason the membership decide that the Association should end, at a meeting called for the purpose to which all members have been informed in writing once all outstanding debts have been paid any remaining monies in the band fund will be transferred to another band sharing the same objectives. The quorum for such a meeting shall be 5. Should the membership roll fall to 6 people this meeting will be called by the committee then in office.

In the event that for any reason the membership decide that the Association should end termination of the Association may only be discussed at a General Meeting called for that purpose. This General Meeting must be intimated to all members in writing at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting. If the decision to terminate the band were taken at the meeting then once all outstanding debts have been paid any remaining monies in the band fund will be transferred to another band sharing the same objectives.

If 5 (five) or more people want the band to continue, then they will be able to retain the name ‘City of Sheffield Pipe Band’ and carry on ‘The Sheffield (Scottish) Pipers Association’.



The Pipe Major will be the Chief Instructor for the Pipe Band and will be responsible for the general playing efficiency of the Pipe Band and for maintaining harmony between the sections.

They will take charge of the day to day running of the association in consultation with two other people (one of whom must be a band rep) chosen by the committee. One of this group (who may/may not be the Pipe Major) will undertake to report activity to the committee for inclusion in the bimonthly minutes.

He/She will co-operate with the Pipe Sergeant and Drum Sergeant in the choice and arrangement of music for the band. He/She will solely responsible for the purchase of bagpipe accessories. He/She will test all pipers and satisfy him/herself that they are of the required standard of performance. The Pipe Major will report any irregularities to the Committee who will take any action necessary in line with the grievance procedure..

They may invite players from other bands to take part in specific events and parades having first satisfied themselves that they know the appropriate tunes and drill.

They may instruct the Quartermaster to issue kit as required to those invited players.


The Pipe Sergeant will carry out such duties as are detailed by the Pipe Major for the success of the Band and will act an additional instructor to the pipers in particular the young members of the pipe corps. In the absence of the Pipe Major the Pipe Sergeant will assume command of the Band and have full powers in that capacity.


The Drum Sergeant will be responsible to the Pipe Major for the efficiency of the Drum Corps and the maintenance of drums and accessories. He/She will arrange suitable drum settings for the pipe music in consultation with the Pipe Major. He/She will act as instructor to the Drum Corps and ensure that all members of his/her corps are proficient to the standard required.


The Drum Major on ceremonial occasions may be called upon by the Pipe Major to take command of the Band and in that capacity he/she will be in sole control of the unit for purposes of drill and deportment. It will also be his/her duty, as circumstances demand, to give drill practice to the Band members consistent with the requirements of the Pipe Major. At all times other than ceremonial occasions, the Drum Major will be under the jurisdiction of the Pipe Major.


All equipment of the Association shall be the responsibility of the Quartermaster who will maintain a register of such equipment.


This is to be used solely for the purpose of City of Sheffield Pipe Band official functions only. Any other use must be authorised in writing by the Pipe Major, President or Quartermaster, and a record will be kept on the use and date the equipment or uniform was authorised for.


The reason behind having a code is to promote what the vast majority will regard as normal behaviour. For the minority who have other ideas, it is a reminder of the majority view and a request that they modify their own views and behaviour in the interests of the band as a whole.

The conduct rules are not an exhaustive list and the band officers along with the band membership retain the right to protect the band environment in order to protect individuals as well as the precious band reputation the band has achieved since it was founded in 1908.

The code provides a shared agreement amongst the membership (including prospective members) of what constitutes acceptable behaviour and conduct when participating in band activities. All band members are asked to read and take note of this code of conduct.

Band Activities – The membership accepts that all band engagements, practises, trips and functions are subject to this code of conduct irrespective of the location and premises involved.

To support the officers of the band when investigating incidents that may occur within the band.

If a member becomes aware that the code of conduct is being broken then they have a duty to report this to a band officer or band rep. If it is believed that a member or guests behaviour poses immediate risk then this should be highlighted to one of the band officers at the time.

On receipt of a complaint or dispute that does not present an immediate risk of danger or the association failing into disrepute the committee will follow the following escalating grievance process steps:

  1. A member rep will have a formal or informal interview with the parties concerned to try to resolve the situation.
  2. The Chairman or Vice Chairman after investigation will deliver a recorded “Formal verbal warning” if appropriate.
  3. The offender(s) are issued a “Formal written warning” by full committee including band reps.
  4. The offender(s) are suspended by the committee for a period
  5. A general meeting is called to expel the member(s).

14.1 The Use of Drugs/Solvents

The use of, procuring or selling of drugs is not acceptable other than those for medical reasons. It is an offence under civil law to bring non-prescribed drugs (known as class A and class B drugs) and solvents on to any premises used by the band. Anyone found with, or using drugs/solvents at any time will be asked to leave the band activity and the police may be informed.

14.2 Alcohol

Members are required to use discretion and lead by example. When you attend any band activity, you are always “on duty” and have to use your judgement regarding the appropriate consumption of alcohol (where, when and how much). As a guide if you are not fit to drive then you are not fit to play. Inappropriate consumption may lead to you letting yourself down, the band down and more importantly bring the City of Sheffield Pipe Band into disrepute.

Alcohol is not to be consumed at the SYF&R premises at any times unless a licensed event has been organised.

14.3 Smoking

Smoking is a health hazard, as is passive smoking. It is also recognised that there is freedom of choice. To protect the well-being of those who do not wish to smoke, smoking will only be permitted in the designated and properly controlled smoking areas at the site of the band activity. Smoking by personnel when on parade is not appropriate.

14.4. Offensive Language

Offensive language, especially in a public place, is not acceptable. What language is used in private is the concern of the individual, but where it affects a wider sphere of influence, then it must not offend. This is especially so when taking part in a band activity this may lead to you letting yourself down, the band down and more importantly bring the City of Sheffield Pipe Band into disrepute.

14.5 Aggressive / violent behaviour

Behaviour of an aggressive or violent manner will not be tolerated. In such circumstances band members who witness such incidents are expected to report this to a band officer immediately. The offender will be asked to leave the band activity and the police may be informed.

14.6 Equality and Diversity

Band members should behave in a manner that is respectful and is not discriminatory. Behaviour which is discriminatory in of any individual due to their disability, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated. In such circumstances band members who witness such incidents are expected to report this to a band officer immediately. The offender will be asked to leave the band activity and the police or appropriate statutory body may be informed.

14.7 Security of possessions

It is recommended that money and valuables should not be left unattended in premises used by the band, particularly on engagements as the band cannot take responsibility for their safety.

14.8 Courtesy

In a structured organisation there are those who make decisions because of their experience and knowledge, which affect what we do. In such an organisation as this and also elsewhere, a polite and well-mannered approach to your dealings will inevitably mean that you will achieve more. All band members are therefore required to ensure that courtesy is shown at all times and that discussions are carried out in a respectful manner.

Discussion of band business and personal relationships via social media and openly circulated email is discourteous and opens private business to public view. All band emails will be circulated in Blind Carbon Copy format and any adverse discussion of band business in social media is to be open to the grievance procedure.

14.9 Tolerance

When working as a group, there is often more than one point of view on how something must be done. Tolerance is the ability to hear and consider all points of view before deciding which course to take.

14.10 Personal Hygiene

It is essential that a high level of personal hygiene is achieved and maintained by every member of the band, there is a need to be very diligent with personal hygiene and the cleaning of kit and equipment. If anyone suspects that any member of the band has a problem in this area they are requested to draw it to the attention this to a band officer immediately, who will deal with the situation.

14.11 Personal Relationships

Band members are asked to ensure that their personal relationships or issues do not detract from the band objectives. Excessive public displays of intimacy or disagreement whilst participating in a band activity are to be discouraged.

14.12 Guests

Band members who bring guests to practice and / or events are held responsible for ensuring these individuals behave in a manner which supports the band’s atmosphere as a safe, family band and this code of conduct.

14.13 Data Protection

Personal data will be managed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, in a secure way, and only for purposes which ensure the smooth running of the band. It will only be divulged to non-members of the band with the express consent of the person or persons concerned. The band will develop and adopt a Privacy Policy which will be made available to all members and entered into the band’s website. When processing information from any source, if the member processing the data is asked how the data will be handled, reference should be made to this Policy.

The Policy will be reviewed annually.


15.1 All trips suggested or taken by the band will be deemed to be an official one and as such covered by the bands insurance.

15.2 If the band receives an invitation to participate in a trip, in the first instance external funding will be sought.

15.3 If external funding cannot be gained band members may if they desire pay for themselves to attend the trip.

15.4 Band funds will not be used to subsidise band members on a trip however busking and fund raising events can be carried out to raise any finances required.

15.5 Any equipment/instruments required to be taken on a trip that incurs costs, these costs will be borne by the bands funds.

Appendix 1

Spending levels and authority.

  1. Petty Cash – an officer may make a purchase on their own initiative relevant to their role – stamps, phone calls &c. to the value of £10.
  2. Day to day spending – Spending to the value of £250 level requires the authorised person to contact another officer by text, phone or email and that they agree between them that purchase is strategically sound – i.e. taking up the offer of a second hand drum from another band.
  3. Committee Authorised spending – Anything over £250 has to be passed via the committee before the purchase is authorised i.e. a bolt of tartan. Having authorised the spend the treasurer can then make the payment on delivery without further delay
  4. Books will be kept in written or computer formats as recommended to the organisation by Voluntary Action Sheffield in 2012.
  5. A paper trace of all financial movements will be kept in line with the above advice
  6. Out of pocket expenses i.e. petrol costs for visiting tutors, may be paid using paperwork in line with the above advice.
  7. Financial reports will be provided to each committee meeting and included in the minutes – books will be made available for inspection with the minutes bimonthly.