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TW, ID, TO, AM, CN absent
7pm – 9:15pmRevise all new rep:
Kelvingrove, Mansfield, Red Hackle, Muss I Denn, Waltzing Matilda, Waterloo
7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:30pm – Pipes & Drums MARCHING
7pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads SEPARATE
8:30pm – Run Lofthouse Programme + Marching
7pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:30pm – Run Lofthouse Programme + Marching
18/03/23Performance: Lofthouse Memorial11am onwardsOatwood Memorial Hall.
Full Band tuning 11:15am and ready to March 11:50pm from St Mary’s Church.
Standard bearers X2
19/03/23Performance: Lofthouse Memorial1pm onwards.Wrenthrope, Wakefield.
Full band tuning 1:15pm and ready to play in the service at 2pm. Followed by a March and 15 min set at St Paul’s Alverthorpe. Buffet etc provided.
Standard bearers X2
23/03/23Rehearsal7pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads SEPARATE (only)
26/03/23Performance: Rotherham1pmMini Band. Meet Rotherham Town Hall. Tune 1pm and step off 1:30pm to the Minster.

Standard Bearers X2
30/03/23Rehearsal7pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:30pm – Run Cadets Programme + Marching
31/03/23Performance: 70th Cadet Pass-Out Parade09:30 Mini Band. Tune at 9:30am and ready to play on stage at 10am. Standard bearers X2
6:30pm Pipers, 7pm DrummersPIPERS: 6:30pm onwards – NEW CHANTER REEDS (staggered arrival)

Drummers: from 7pm – DRUM MAINTENANCE
Please attend if you are on pipes, otherwise lessons as normal.
22/04/23Workshop: Marching10am – 4pmAll playing members to attend 10am – 4pm. This is a day of marching. (Confirmed visit by DDPD)Please attend.
(PM N/A)
7pm – 9:15pmRevise all repertoire.
7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8pm – Pipes & Drums
7:00pm – 9:15pmTone, Tuning & Balance Rehearsal.
Pipes and Drums SEPARATE
Pipers, please attend main rehearsal around lesson.
06/05/23Coronation of King CharlesPlease keep this day free as we may be required by Sheffield City Council for an event – TBA
11/05/23Rehearsal 7:00pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:00pm – Bb Chanters TUNE
8:30pm – Run Andre Rieu Programme
12/05/23RehearsalTBCIf DDPD join us for Sheffield Arena, possible Friday night rehearsal here. Please keep this pencilled.
13/05/23Performance2:30pm onwardsAndre Rieu – Sheffield Utilità Arena
Arrival at 2:30pm – rehearsal on stage 15:20 & performance 7:30pm Bb Chanters
16/05/23Committee Meeting7:30pm
18/05/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads SEPARATE
8:30pm – Run Rotherham Programme
20/05/23Performance: Rotherham9:30amRotherham Mayor’s Parade: Tuning at 9:50am, ready to step off 10:20am.
25/05/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:30pm – Band TOGETHER
John Barker N/A
PM to take learners until 8:30pm
01/06/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads SEPARATE
8:30pm Band TOGETHER
08/06/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm7pm – Chanters/Pads TOGETHER
8:30pm – Run Ulley Programme
Lord Mayor, Sheffield Cathedral
3pm Please pencil this date at the moment – more information to follow.
15/06/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm8:30pm – Run Ulley Programme
17/06/23Performance: Chapel en le Frith 12:30pmFull Band
12:30 Tune. Step off 1pm and the March is to the Leisure Centre
Standard Bearers X2
18/06/23Performance: Ulley Country Park
11:00am – 1:30pmArrival/Warm-Up 11am
1st Set: 11:30am – 12:15pm
2nd Set: 12:45pm – 1:30pm
22/06/23Rehearsal7:00pm – 9:15pm 7:00pm – Pipes and Drums SEPARATE
8:00pm – Run Oosterbeek Programme
8:30pm – March / Nijmegen Rep
John Barker N/A
PM to take learners until 8:30pm.
29/06/23Rehearsal 7:00pm – 9:15pm7:00pm – Pipes and Drums SEPARATE
8:00pm – Run Oosterbeek Programme
8:30pm – March / Nijmegen Rep
John Barker N/A
PS to take learners until 8:30pm.
06/07/23Rehearsal 7:00pm – 9:15pm7:00pm – Pipes and Drums SEPARATE
8:00pm – Run Oosterbeek Programme
8:30pm – March / Nijmegen Rep
All learners encouraged to march
13/07/23Rehearsal 7:00pm – 9:15pm7:00pm – Pipes and Drums SEPARATE
7:30pm – Run Oosterbeek Programme
8:00pm – March / Nijemgen Rep
All learners encouraged to march.
14/07/23Performance: 71st Cadet Pass-Out ParadeTBA
19/07/23Travel Travel Day
20/07/23PerformancesAM Oosterbeek War Cemetery
PM Nijmegen Town Square
21/07/23Performances AM Vierdaagse Parage
PM Jonkerbos War Cemetery (not playing)
23/07/23Travel Arrive UK
25/07/23Committee Meeting7:30pm
27/07/23Rehearsal 7:30pmTour de-brief, season close – band social.
01/08/23Performance: Leicestershire 2pm – 5pm Private Wedding – Mini Band: DAB, TW, ID, JO, DB, AH.

Workshop Schedule: 22nd April 2023

VENUE: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Training Centre

9:30am Set UpSet Up
10:00amLecture/Interactive Session: Peak Performance DABAttend main room.
10:45amPipers: CHANTERS – review all Marching rep.

All learner pipers with John Barker.
Massed bands’ scores: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8’s. + 5/4 PADS
12:00pmMarching – No instruments / Pacing / Drill
All learners attend.
Attend main room.
1:45pmPipers + Leaner Pipers: Tune
2:00pmFull Band + Learners: Marching (plus standard bearers, and learners not on pipes with chanters)Join Band
3:00pmResume as above Resume as above
4:00pmFinish / Pack UpFinish / Pack Up

Repertoire Lists 2023

70th Cadets Pass Out 31st March
71st Cadets Pass Out 14th July

2/4’s – Corrichollies/Teribus
3/4’s – Shoals/Colin/Dream
Lofthouse Disaster Memorial 18th/19th March

2/4’s – Barren/Highland/Mhairi/Mansfield
3/4’s – Shoals/Colin/Dream
4/4’s – Murdo/Flett/Waterloo
5/4 – Cullen Bay

Air – Mist Covered Mountain
Bolero – Highland Cathedral
Hymn – Amazing Grace

Solo Piper – Lament

Hornpipe – Steam Train (trio)
Plus a selection from the above
Andre Rieu – Sheffield Utilità Arena
Saturday 13th May

4/4 – Scotland the Brave
Bolero – Highland Cathedral
4/4 – Muss i’Denn
Air – Amazing Grace
Rotherham Mayor’s Parade 20th May

2/4’s – Corrichollies/Teribus
3/4’s – Shaols/Colin/Dream
4/4’s – Murdo/Flett/Waterloo
6/8’s – Hundred/Bonnie/Cock

Static (if needed, for the service)
Air – Mist Covered Mountain
Hymn – Amazing Grace
Ulley Country Park 18th June

2 X 45 min sets:

2/4’s – Corrichollies/Teribus
Solo Piper – TW
3/4’s – Shoals/Colin/Dream
Solo Piper – WM
Air – Rose of Kelvingrove
4/4\s – Flett/Murdo/Battle
Talk – Tartan
Air – Mist Covered Mountain
Solo Piper – ID
5/4 – Cullen Bay
Drum Salute
6/8’s – Hundred/Bonnie/Cock
Trio – Steam Train DB & JO
4/4 – Scotland/Rowan/Wings
Oosterbeek 20th July – Drumhead Ceremony

(DDPD drummers to form the Drumhead)

Air – Mist Covered Mountain
Air – The Haunting
Air – The Rose of Kelvingrove
Solo Piper – The Dark Island

Nijmegen Town Centre 20th July

CoSB with DDPB)

2/4’s – Barren/Highland/Mhairi/Mansfield
2/4’s – Corrichollies/Teribus
3/4’s – Shoals/Colin/Dream
5/4 – Cullen Bay
Air – Mist Covered Mountain

(CoSPB & DDPD with Batavorum (Massed Bands)

3/4’s – Green Hills/Battle’s O’er
4/4’s – Muss I Denn/Waltzing Matilda
Bolero – Highland Cathedral

Nijmegen Vierdaagse March 21st July – as prescribed by Holland Massed Pipes & Drums

1. 3/4’s – Green Hills/Battles O’er
2. 4/4’s – Muss I Denn/Waltzing Matilda
3. 3/4’s – Colin’s Cattle/Red Hackle
4. 4/4’s – Wings/Rowan Tree
5. 4/4’s – Scotland/Auld Lang Syne

3/4 – Amazing Grace (Hospital stop)

Pitch: 480Hz Tempo: 102bpm

Jonkerbos 21st July – Drumhead Ceremony

(DDPD will provide the music for this ceremony – CoSPB are not required to play)

(COSB drummers to form the Drumhead)

Air – Sleeping Tune
Air – 100 Poppies
3/4 – Hero’s of Afghanistan
Solo Piper – Lament

Long-Term Planning: Season 2023-2024+

12/11/23Edlington Memorial Parade8am onwardsFull Band
23/01/24Burns Supper:
Dore Masonic Hall
7pm onwardsMini Band
27/01/24Burns Supper: Wortley Hall6:30pm onwards2 pipers, 1 drummer, address to the Haggis required.
Chatsworth Competition (RSPBA)All dayGrade 4B March
Grade 4A MSR
Solo Pipers

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