2018 Events

Saturday 23rd June-The Conisbrough & Denaby Community Group and English Heritage Parade starts at 10am


Thank you for visiting the bands website, the details of the 2018 events and venues are displayed below, New Engagements will be added in the near future, please contact the band by email if you require further information.


Dates Event and venue
Saturday 17th March Saint Patricks Day Parade, Sheffield City Centre 
Tuesday 24th April Duke of York Award Ceremony, Sheffield Cathedral
Saturday 28th April Escape Lines, Eden Camp
Saturday 12th May 1940 Event, Thorne
Saturday 19th May Rotherham Mayors Inaugeration
Friday 26th May Wedding, Regent Hotel, Doncaster
Tuesday 5th June Rotherham Day
Thursday 14th – 18th June Ypres Tour, Belgium
Tuesday 26th June Voluntary Action Walk, Rotherham & 90th Birthday celebration,Evening
Sunday 1st July Garden Party, Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham
Saturday 7th July Bakewell Carnival, Derbyshire
Saturday 14th July Newton Carnival, Derbyshire
Saturday 6th October Wedding, Loosehill Hotel, Hope
Saturday 9th November Dore Remembrance Day Parade, Sheffield

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